Solo Project

Thanos is using his own name for his very personal electronic music compositions. After an intensive 2-year study that started in 2017, he has released two albums of electronic compositions: “Five Nocturnes For Immersion”  (October 2019/with a poem written for each track), and “Five Triptychs For Upheaval” (June 2020/released by the experimental Polish label Plaza Zachodnia), and one EP of live piano music processed through his electronic modular system: “Instrument Of Hope” (March 2020). His plans are to release at the end of 2020 another EP of piano music processed by test equipment (recorded in the historical Willem Twee studios) and another album of electronic compositions in the beginning of 2021, including compositions that he has produced for his YouTube channel. He’s currently working on his debut full length album with electronic music wizard Dom Graveson (UK), with live classical piano compositions and live electronics.

While I’m
Crafting body language
Scratching depth in surfaces
Half blue
And just old,
[Enough. Waving bitterness.]
With my birthright to shake
Permanent conclusions,
Half mortal
Αnd just intoned,
I’m forging anonymity
Bravely cutting through,
Half surreal
And just drunk,
I still need
Τhe imperfection of Beauty.

Drone is Time. It takes you everywhere you want to go.
Three sound sources will guide you there.
They might be whispering words.
Or just walking quietly there with you, unnoticed.
They might be noises from an invisible world.
Or rhythmic pulses paving your path.
If you let go of your judgmental self, you’ll be able to follow.
And if you follow, you’ll notice a higher realm, made out of sound entities.
I call that an Upheaval.

The album was made completely with a modular system and a Soma Ether.
You can use the music for meditation.
Or to ruin a party.

Thanx to Maciek for believing.

‘Instrument of Hope’ is an album completely based on the piano. Since I was a little kid the piano was always there for me through the most lonely and difficult moments, like a good friend. This is an album made entirely using the sound of my piano. For processing I used my modular system and various other effects.

In these difficult times of isolation and turmoil, my piano is here to give me hope. It’s a blessing. And I hope that by listening you can share these feelings of hope and gratitude with me.