Music is how adults play. It is not supposed to tell you how the world works but it should tell you that every world is possible and that we are all creators of worlds. That’s what I want my music and concerts to convey to my audience.” – Thanos Fotiadis

“Ambient Music is intended to induce calm and a space to think.” – Brian Eno

Netherlands-based, Greek born pianist and multi-instrumentalist Thanos Fotiadis expresses himself through his balancing act between music genres such as ambient, classical music, post-punk, noise-rock, free improvisation and post-metal. He grew up in a rough neighborhood in the not-so-charming urban part of the city of Thessaloniki and was raised in a leftfield middle-class family with honesty and trust. He tried for years to deny the Greek folk tradition that he was raised in, just to realize that it’s what connects him with his heart. He studied classical piano for most of his life, and with a Master’s degree in Piano Performance he decided to experience all the music worlds he enjoyed as a listener. He joined a noise-rock band as a bassist, then a shoegaze/dream-pop band as a guitarist and then as a drummer with a raw rock act for what some may call the highlight of his career: a live show in the main hall of Paradiso, Amsterdam. Currently and after years of wondering to the outer spaces of music experimentation, he is back to his beloved piano, combining all the knowledge he gathered in a simple form: piano and electronics. Driven by the wild avant-garde of Stockhausen and Xenakis, the minimalism of composers such as Steve Reich and Morton Feldman, the sensitive touch of jazz legends like Keith Jarrett and the pop sensibilities of established pianists Nils Frahm and Joep Beving, he’s searching for a balance between the strict structure of classical music, the improvisational tradition of jazz music and the free expression of punk rock. Thanos has performed in many unconventional locations with his ambient guitar solo project “Owlbites” and with various bands/projects in many established stages such as Paradiso, Tivoli/Vredenburgh, Doornroosje and Vera. Further he toured in Europe extensively with a live performance for the BBC radio in the UK as a highlight. He’s currently composing and performing live music with the theater group Dender and he’s a guitar player in the post-metal band Shunyata.

                                            The “Circle of Creation” Manifesto:

Curiosity cultivates a sense of Wonder for the Unseen/Unheard. It leads us to the door of Spirituality. The search for the Higher Self. Through Deep Listening we can bring ourselves in a Meditative State of Focus and Clarity. A safe space for Free Thinking. There we can finally find our Sensitivity that will lead us to Humility. And from that place of Humility we are able to create a Poetic Myth that we can share with others. Through that connection we can initiate a new circle of Wonder, starting again from Curiosity.